Usability Observations

Using the Internet Archive WayBack Machine, I found that the Museum at FIT’s website was released May 27, 2010. The layout does not seem to have changed since then. The only addition was a rolling image viewer which highlights current exhibitions; this appears to be fairly recent. It also seems largely unnecessary. There are currently only two images to roll between, and one of those is featured further down on the page. My overall perception of this site is that it is cluttered and unclear. There are multiple toolbars. The topmost toolbar seems to be geared towards user interaction: ‘Join the Couture Council’, ‘Become a design member’, ‘Sign up for an event’, ‘Join our mailing list’, ‘Contact us’ and ‘Share’. I’d imagine that these topics could be consolidated under a single heading on the primary navigation toolbar. The primary navigation toolbar contains the following links: ‘About the Museum’, ‘Plan your visit’, ‘Calendar of events’, ‘Exhibitions’, ‘Collections’, ‘In the news’, ‘Support MFIT’. Many of these terms are echoed in the third set of links featured on the bottom of the page: ‘Upcoming exhibition’, ‘In the news’, ‘Online Collections’ and ‘In the news’. Clearly ‘In the news’ is featured twice, which is redundant and unnecessary. The ‘Online collections’ link brings you to a page saying that online collections will be available Spring 2012. Perhaps a less specific “Coming Soon” descriptor would have been preferable; the fact that it is now spring and the feature is not yet available makes the site seem slightly outdated. The site would certainly benefit from simplification.

The MFIT website is surprisingly compatible with Lynx. Although there are many images featured on the site, they do not clutter the Lynx interface. The hierarchy of content is clear and easy to navigate.

The MFIT website renders consistently across various browsers.

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