Eric C. Kansa is the Executive Director of the Information and Service Design (ISD) program at the UC Berkeley School of Information

He has a background in anthropology, archaeology, and in open access data sharing for the field sciences. He is cofounder and former Executive Director of the Alexandria Archive Institute, and led development of Open Context, an online system for sharing collections and field research in archaeology and natural history. This follows a position on the faculty of Harvard University, where he served as Lecturer and Undergraduate Tutor for the Department of Anthropology. He graduated from the University of California, San Diego with a BA in Cultural Anthropology and continued his education at Harvard University beginning in 1995. There, he earned his doctorate in 2001 and has focused research efforts on open dissemination strategies, information architectures for the social sciences, and intellectual property frameworks for online scholarship.

Eric is currently Convener of the Society for American Archaeology's Digital Data Interest Group.

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