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A state-of-the-art DRS DIGITIZER has been in use in the Canadian national archive in Ottawa, Ontario since May 2008. The first system for digitizing a wide variety of information from microfiche and microfilm jackets in a metric and imperial format was installed in the national archive in conjunction with Ristech Inc., the DRS distributor for North America. Several million fiche and jackets are designated for digitization over the next few years.

The DRS will convert microfiche at speeds of up to 0.5 seconds per full resolution greyscale image. The fully automatic feed system allows more than 800 jackets per 8 hour shift to be digitized with virtually no operator intervention. The combination of quality and automation were key factors in the award of this tender.

Other systems are in the planning phase. An extensive user training program was held to coincide with delivery and installation of the system. This ensures operating personnel at the National Archives are able to respond to changes in documents quickly and without interrupting production.

Ristech’s technical support team have been trained by the DRS engineers to enable them to conduct maintenance work and servicing procedures.

This now places Canada at the cutting edge of digitization technology.

With its offices in Toronto and Calgary, Ristech Inc. is the main sales partner in Canada. Ristech is also responsible for service and maintenance work in this region. Project partner

Ristech Inc.

Ristech is a leading Canadian Distributor of Automated Digitization Technologies. Founded in 1995 Ristech sells and supports the technologies required to convert books, film and paper to digital images. The primary focus of Ristech is to provide mass digitization solutions to our clients. This is accomplished by offering a combination of Robotic Technologies combined with automated batch conversion software solutions and on-site technical support.

DRS Digitale Repro-Systeme GmbH

DRS has successfully developed a completely automatic scanner technology for microfiches and microfilm jackets. The Oberhausen company produces and sells the DRS DIGITIZER worldwide and is expanding the service centre at the Oberhausen facility. Numerous customers can attest to the quality of the DRS DIGITIZER and the service.

The DRS DIGITIZER is used by numerous German authorities as well as by the US Department of Defence and by Canadian Pension Insurance Institutions. Foreign service centres within Europe are primarily equipped with systems.

Due to the use of modern, future-oriented CCD flat chip technology and a high-performance microfiche feed system, the DRS DIGITIZER is able to convert very large quantities of analogue microfiches with high quality demands and microfilm jackets quickly and with excellent quality into different data formats.

Extensive information on applications and references for banks, insurance, publishing companies, archives and industrial companies are available upon request.

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