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MFIT does not have a mobile site/app. When I pulled the site up on my android phone, it looked exactly as it did on the computer screen. Only it was very, very small. In order to click on any link of the page, I had to pinch the screen to zoom it in dramatically.

In general, I've been disappointed in MFIT's use of IT. Their website is clunky, cluttered and poorly planned. The museum itself has next to no modern technology available for users to interact with the exhibits. In my opinion, the museum operates in a very old-fashioned way. They put together incredible exhibitions in a vacuum. The FIT community appears to be very exclusive; they alow outsiders to visit but do nothing to accomodate them. The main goal of museum staff is to collect and preserve historic examples of fashion.

This is surprising to me because one always thinks of the fashion world as being so forward-thinking, ahead of the curve. From studying MFIT, though, I have gleaned that the fashion industry is quite entrenched in it's own history.

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