This webpage is mostly images, some paragraphs.

The W3C ValidatorsEdit

50 errors and 7 warnings. A typical amount of errors for this website.

The majority of the errors were "required attribute" ALT not specified"

More than half the errors were "Element "Strongr" undefined." The code is misspelled.

Webpage TestEdit

Screen Shot 2012-05-23 at 12.06.24 AM

Webpage test

More than half of the requests are for images. Images take up almost 87% of bytes of the site.

Full Content Breakdown -

11 accessibility errors. Mostly because of the lack of ALT Tags.

30 known errors. ALT tag missing!!

This website is nearly all images. Descriptions need to be attached to images, for accessibility.


Source CodeEdit


<title>Socrates Sculpture Park</title> Keywords

<meta name="keywords" content="Socrates Sculpture Park, Socrates Sculpture Garden, Socrates, Sculpture, Park, Garden, Free Events, Free Yoga, Free artmaking workshops, Outdoors, Outdoor Cinema, Outdo or Film New York, nature, outdoor museum, outdoor exhibitions, Long Island City, Astoria, New York, Mark di Suvero, artist residency, public park, exhibitions, fellowships, artmaking, Queens, New York, Museum, Makers Market">

  • title and Keywords are present and effective.


The site needs to be accessible, the alt attribute is missing from their source code and needs to be created. An effort to give a description of what the image is actually of will be necessary so that nobody misses out on content.

  • Create Alt Attributes. Easily created and will be pivotal in providing access to disabled people, especially since the website is mainly images.