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Personalization FeaturesEdit

There are not many personalization features currently available for the Soctares Scultpure Park on their website. However, personalization options for their users is expanding.


From the website:

"Now you can save your favorite Socrates' events on your profile page or forward event information to your friends, by clicking the "share" button at the bottom of event / exhibition pages on this website."
  • The Share button allows users to share information to over 100 different sites. This can create buzz for Socrates Sculpture Park on Social media sites.
  • Allows users to favorite pages and go back to specific information on the site they are interested in.


From the Website:

"Socrates Sculpture Park is reducing the number of announcements sent by post. Visit our website regularly to remain informed of the Park's exhibitions, education programs, film screenings and special events, and join our email list below: "

Socrates' digital presence is quite new and instead of mailing information to users, users can access information on the website and through Socrates' email list. Email lists cretae an easy way for users to receive reminders about events, and other happenings in the museum.


Some example workshops headings from the website:

  • Kids Workshops
  • Teens Workshops
  • Adult Workshops

Some workshops are suggested to users by age group. This allows users to navigate to information that will be the most useful to them, even though the website is static and their is no search retrival system for the workshops.

Event CalenderEdit


Interactive Event Calender

This calender allows users to see when and where an event will occur, as well as offering a descriptive paragraph about the event.

  • Users can copy the event to their Google Calender and set alerts/reminders for the event.
  • This tool reminds users about events and allows users to implement the Park's schedule into their personal life.

Suggestions for the FutureEdit

Phone Tour Proposals for different experiences for specific users when they visit the park.

Photosharing - Users should be able to add photos from exhibitons they visited