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Apps or Websites

Socrates would create a website instead of an app, the website will be mobile friendly. The museum staff can benefit from a mobile friendly website that is suitable for all devices, independent from app stores, easier technology such as html to change and update. Cost is a major factor as well as the fact that the exibitions/artists in the Park change often and updating apps is difficult.

Mobile phones alternatives to pda guides, audio multimedia info for objects artist, useful for museum guide information.

Complete mobile surveys - get free admission to Noguchi or other museums that are a part of LICCA (Long Island City Cultural Alliance)

Ready.Mobi TestEdit

Score 2 out of 5

It will display poorly on a mobile phone

Passes 10

warnings 7

Fails 9

Comments 2


Results - The website cannot be viewed.

The website can be viewed on newer smartphones. Socrates Sculpture Park has no special mobile site. No wifi at the park available.

Suggest that they make their website more mobile friendly.

QR CodesEdit

The Park will benefit from QR codes! They have none in place at the moment.
Socrates Sculpture Park QRpedia

Socrates Sculpture Park Wikipedia

QR codes can link users to pages about the artists and events in the park. Specifically each plaque next to each installation should have a QR code, that links to artist information, artists blogs, videos about the installation and/orat home Do it yourself projects related to the installation or exhibtion.

QR codes will be outside, they must stay clean and visible to the public!


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