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Museum Mile is a general term used to refer to an area with many important museums. In central London, England, it has been applied to two such areas, namely Bloomsbury and South Kensington.

Bloomsbury, Camden Edit

Museum Mile[1][2] is a promotional name for the area between Euston Road to the north and the Embankment on the River Thames to the south.[3] The route includes Woburn Place, Russell Square, Southampton Row, Kingsway and the Aldwych.

The museums and related cultural institutions with collections on and close to this route (from north to south) that are included (or have been included) in the scheme are:

South Kensington Edit

The term "Museum Mile" has also sometimes used to refer to the museums in the South Kensington area of London (also known as Albertopolis, after Prince Albert), especially along Exhibition Road and on the adjoining Cromwell Road and Cromwell Gardens.[4][5]

There are three major national museums in this area, a legacy of the 1851 Great Exhibition:

In addition, in Hyde Park just to the north, there is the Serpentine Gallery. The Ismaili Centre also sometimes holds exhibitions.

In 2006, a National Lottery bid for £25 million to improve the area was rejected.[6]

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