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IT Research and Report on the Museum of American FinanceEdit

As the final for project for our course on Museum Informatics we have beenn assigned to research the IT used by a particular museum in New York. I have chosen to do my work on the Museum of American Finance located on Wall St. in downtown New York. The paper must be submitted by 12 midnight on Monday, June 11th and should be no more than 20 pages in either Word of PDF format. The paper should inclube hyperlinks to resources produced by me, for instance this wiki page. Research all aspects of IT both publicly available at the museum and any that the staff are willing to provide. The following structure is recommended by the professor:

1. Introduction

2. Database usage

3. Website facilities

4. Museum interactives

5. Social media usage

6. IT collaborations

7. Mobile applications

8. Future potential

9. Conclusion

10. References

11. Appendices (including self-assessment)

1. IntroductionEdit

2. Database UsageEdit

3. Website FacilitiesEdit

The Museum of American Finance website is a bit of a disappointment as far as a museum website goes. It has the appearence of a blog page more than the website for a cultural and educational institution. I felt as though it was particularly intuitive in its layout and navigation.