The National Museum of the American Indian is at the forefront of educational technology, as they are a relatively new museum and part of the Smithsonian Institution.

  1. What if any educational material and support are there on your museum’s website?
    Weedon island

    Virtual tour developed with Weedon Island students.

    • There are two online interactive virtual tours done with school children that aren't linked to directly from the site.
    • There is a section for Educators & Students with links to:
      • Classroom lessons, organized in to 4 categories: nation or region, theme, Thanksgiving, and history
      • Online collections
      • Teacher workshops in DC
      • American Indian Responses to Environmental Changes site
        • Story Project Planner (interactive for students)
        • Shared Stories Gallery (for teachers to upload student projects)
      • "Did You Know" type of FAQ section about Native Americans
      • Do All Indians Live in Tipis book, published by NMAI
      • Resources: index of resources, books, links for an "electronic field trip", NMAI topical websites
  2. Is it aimed at teachers, students, …?
    • Both
  3. Is there evidence of interaction with teachers and/or school students?
    • Not that I have found yet. There is a method for teachers to upload to the Shared Stories forum, but so far there is only an example in there.
  4. What educational features could usefully be added?
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    • jj
4Directions pic

4Directions Virtual Tour