Nmai online store
The NMAI has an appealing and interactive website.

1. Browser check:

Browser Usable?
Google Chrome yes
Internet Explorer yes
Firefox yes
Safari ?

2. HTML of homepage []: 74 Errors, 92 warning(s)

3. Online Testing Tools:

Tool: Usable?
Content breakdown?

Images 46.6%, JS 24.3%, HTML 10.7%, CSS 9.7%, Other 8.7%

Page speed 1.12 sec, Score: 62/100

First byte time: D

Keep-alive enabled: A

Compress text: C

Compress images: F Cache static content: F

CDN detected: X


20 Known problems

376 Potential problems

text alternatives needed for images (alt)

document language not identified document has invalid language code need skipt to content links site missing site map?

Tool: 18 accessibility errors"java script present",link opens popup window"

4. Evaluate the use of metadata in <head> section:

Markup Content
<title> Home | National Museum of the American Indian




HTML text, UTF-8, Google site verification, X-UA-Compatible, IE-8

CSS stylesheet


5. Use the criteria in the slides to evaluate museum's website:

Criteria Usable?
Short & simple? No, most pages have long paragraphs.
Try booking tickets
One page, one piece of info?
Special effects (for communication only!)
Who are you? Where are you?
Rule of 3 clicks
Novice user test; where do they get stuck?
Navigatability: gives users what they expect?
Navigatability: complete information?
Control +/- works? Yes, and there is a font increase/decrease button on the page.
Privacy policy on museum's site? Yes, on the bottom of the page.
Lynx Works well and images disappear. Navigation is early on.
Search no search box
Accessibility information Specific to the museum, not the website. Should be earlier on.

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Source Error:

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Stack Trace:

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Version Information: Microsoft .NET Framework Version:2.0.50727.4971; ASP.NET Version:2.0.50727.4971