• Chrome: This browser loaded the New York City Fire Museum's homepage the fastest. Everything but a few of the pictures loaded immediately. The header image took the longest.
  • Firefox: This browser was a bit slower than Chrome. It took about 15 seconds to load the page, but when it did, all parts were present.
  • Internet Explorer: The worst! It took about 25 seconds to slowly load all the photos on the page.

All three browsers tested showed the exact same page, but each took a different amount of time to load. The image in the header, which changes on each page, especially took awhile to load the first time. All three browsers also allow the user to zoom in and out; they therefore do not use a fixed font size. The museum must have taken care to test their site with multiple browsers since the home page looked the same in all three.

Handheld DevicesEdit

iPod Touch and iPad: The website loaded fairly quickly, although some photos took a few seconds. The size of the page fit perfectly in the small screen.

HTML ValidationEdit

When run through W3C's HTML validator, this website shows 20 errors and one warning. See the results page here.

Web Page TestingEdit

The website received the following marks when run through

  • Page Speed = 65/100
  • First Byte Time = A
  • Keep Alive Enabled = A
  • Compress Test = F
  • Compress Images = D
  • Cache Static Content = F
  • CDN Detected = X

The content breakdown shows both the requests and bytes to be approximately 75% image related. See the full results of the test here.


The website's "head" section of the source code correctly identifies the exact title of the page, but does not include any keywords.