Noguchi website

Screen shot of Noguchi Museum homepage, May, 16, 2012

The Noguchi Museum website address is: This is a nice, short, succinct url for the museum homepage.

Testing of in various web browsers:

Chrome - could accomplish task of loadinig website, although I do not posses enough working knowledge with Chrome to be able to tell how large or how small in pixels the screen would let me shrink and expand it before horizontal scrolling became necesary. Could also enlarge and shrink text using the Ctrl+ and Ctrl- keystrokes.

Firefox - slightly longer loading time for the website with Firefox than with Chrome. The webpage did not shrink down automatically with resizing of the browser screen. I could also easily manipulate the font size (concurrent with the entire webpage size so the ratio remained constant for images and text) using the Ctrl+ and Ctrl- buttons.

Windows Internet Explorer - Much like Firefox and Chrome, the website loaded with no issues aside from the fact that horizontal scrolling (and a bit of vertical as well) were needed as I was using a smaller sized browser window size. Again, text and images both enlarged and shrank with use of the aforementioned Ctrl+ and Ctrl- buttons.

Lynx - working with the Lynx browser illuminated many of the issues and assets of the website. For instance, upon entering the homepage url and browsing only one cookie needed to be enabled and the page information loaded quite quickly. The homepage was three pages long in the lynx's small browser window.
Lynx1noguchi as shown in Lynx - May 16, 2012

Lynx2noguchi, 2nd page, as shown in Lynx browser - May 16, 2012

The five alternating images which form the main portion of the welcome page for the Noguchi Museum were clearly tagged with alt tag information. Some playing around with the up and down arrows revealed that the first and second links were a link to the same site under two different names - Noguchi Museum and Home. The next available link brought a user to the Museum - and within that I was able to rudementarily browse the collection.

I did try to perform a search for a single object (the same object I created an database entry for) that information was retrieved. And I also wanted to see how well the Catalogue Raisone worked with the Lynx browser and found I could log in using my account which I had generated May 15th using the interface with the page on Firefox.

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