12/2/2007 - I just visited the Chicago Postcard Museum[1]. I am very impressed with the image quality. I especially like the fact that the images are large enough to actually see, unlike most other image heavy web sites that only provide a postage size image (thumbnail) for you to view. Clicking on the postcards that I wanted to take a closer look at, opened in a new window and used the same open window to show all the images. Very nice. I really dislike having to continually close out new open windows each time I click on something.

Overall, I believe that this is a well made web site and is fun to look through. It is definitely worth your time. Sue M. Lincolnwood, IL.

The Chicago Postcard Museum is awesome. Edit

This Museum shows some of the highest resolution images I have seen online. Besides seeing the postcard images of Chicago, they show the backsides too. The back of the postcards may be hard to read only because of the "old school" handwritting. What a great concept. The layout makes you feel like you are walking in a real, brick and mortor building. 05:54, October 18, 2012 (UTC) Tom Weiss

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