This article contains some results and examples of the discussion group model projects at Wikimedia@MW2010 during the MW2010 conference.

Group agenda Edit

  • materials + techniques (AAT)
  • "non-traditional" sources
    • grey literature
    • personal observation
    • traditional knowledge
  • E-volunteer programs
  • Multilanguage issues
  • Context from Wikipedia for museums
    • Biographies
  • local wikis
    • local visibility
    • writing about "small" topics
    • local culture on the web
  • other wikis/collaborative projects

Ideas Edit

  • linking can be a helpful seed for creation of content
    • interlinking projects/methods ...
  • how to get attention to local/small projects?
  • Meeting up with local Wikipedians
    • how to do it
    • having a consistant point of contact?
      • topical vs. geographic
    • techniques: fostering local meetups, geo-IP notices
    • How to get a presenter (Wikimedian)?
  • How to form and keep up long-term collaboration communities (even with changing individual perticipants) / incentives

Wikipedia Saves Public Art (WSPA) Edit

Wikipedian in residence Edit

The Wikipedia Lists of 100 Project Edit

see Wikipedia talk:Advice for the cultural sector

Offer to the #mw2010 participants Edit

Featured pictures of Commons and the English Wikipedia

Museum-related Wikipedia/media projects and information Edit

Tips Edit

Grey literature and notability Edit

  • categories of Gray literature
    • wall labels - include a lot of research
    • teaching materials
    • pamphlets/brochures
  • lots of content, no way for museums to publish it (and no will)
  • museums have to prioritize what they digitize/categorize
  • metrics: how unique/how used
  • lots of barriers to publication

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